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Farm Grid-connected Solar System Application

Agriculture & Livestock Friendly

Photovoltaic products are not far away and are very common in modern agriculture. Photovoltaic systems in agriculture and animal husbandry are setting off a wave of energy conservation and emission reduction. Let us witness it together!

Chicken Farm

Chicken coops & Photovoltaic systems can not only add outdoor shelter to the chickens, but also save energy & reduce consumption.

Animal Husbandry

Add a photovoltaic system to create double benefits and protect your lawn.


Greenhouse & Photovoltaic, an excellent partner, killing two birds with one stone!

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Free Design & Calculation

We will provide you with free photovoltaic system calculation and design, and discuss system configuration with you. Fully meet your reasonable requirements.

Full Technical Support

From start to finish, we are there! Provide necessary technical support for free to speed up the process of your photovoltaic system.

Worry-Free After-Sales

XCSOLAR's professional and powerful after-sales team is your strong backing and is ready to solve your worries in a timely manner.

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