China Shanxi 40MW Livestock Sunlight Complementary Power Plant


Photovoltaics animal



Product Overview

Project Type
General flat power station+animal husbandry solar complementary power station
Project's Venue
Pucheng County,Weinan City,Shanxi Province
Project capacity
Average annual power generation:54,898MWh
Technical Highlights
Our design team inspected the location and site conditions of the ranch and comprehensively determined the inclination angle of the photovoltaic panels and the height of the brackets. Closely arrange photovoltaic panels without affecting the lighting of the grassland.
Project Highlights
This project is located in Shanxi, China. Animal husbandry and photovoltaics complement each other and create double benefits! It can not only effectively protect grassland and maintain ecology, but also save energy and reduce expenses. Provided herdsmen with a new production model.