California San Jose 31KW Industrial and Commercial Distribution

Product Overview

Project Type
Industrial and Commercial Distribution
Project's Venue
San Jose, California
Project Capacity
Average Annual Power Generation
Technical Highlights
After a lot of on-site inspections and project analysis, CES believes that the clinic is located in a narrow road section, and the above-ground facilities cannot be fully utilized. However, installing photovoltaic power plants on the vast and underutilized roof to collect energy from the sun can make up for the space on the ground At the same time, it can also coexist with the original beautiful environment of the community.
Project Highlights
The physical challenge of the project was the location of the dental office: the office is located on a narrow site with strict setback requirements, and the office adjoins a large mahogany tree, limiting access to the roof. The annual power generation capacity of this photovoltaic power plant can reach 46,000kWh, and the payback period is only 3.6 years. It is expected to save US$11,000 in electricity costs every year.